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Пётр   18 мая 2017, 17:37  ::
Dear All!

I have been searching one of our best Russian friend's thomb.
Name: Мария Акошевна ХЕВЕШИ (философ)
Born: 1928
Died: 19th,April, 2005
According to my last information, as an academic, she got a part (1/4?) of thomb place in Novodevichy Cemetery.
I checked the list at: [Открыть ссылку] but could not find her name. Perhaps the common thomb place belongs to another name?

On Summer we are going to visit Moscow and I would like to visit her thomb as a rememberance and respect for her.
Could anyone help me to find it in Novodevichy Cemetery?

Thanks also in advance

[email protected]

Sorry for wrinting English. Now I am practicing and refreshing my Russian too, so any reply in Russian is also welcomed!
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